Today’s consumers expect a brand to connect with them on a personal level and there is no better way of forging this connection than with a promotional product.

Year on year, branded collateral is consistently ranked in the top tier of advertising media. According to the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA), the promotional products industry turns over more than $2 billion in Australia and New Zealand and employs over 20,000 people. 

Receiving a gift generates good will, provides a tangible connection to the brand and creates lasting memories linked to that business. In an increasingly online world, this is more important than ever. Traditional mediums are becoming less impactful, with brand messaging received through social media platforms at times overwhelming. 

Recent market research, conducted in Australia and the US, found that most people who receive branded collateral are more likely to recall the business, recommend it to others and, most importantly, do business with them again. 

In addition to this, more than half will use the item often and keep it, on average for more than a year. Some respondents claimed that they had kept promotional pieces for over a decade! With promotional products being retained for such long periods the potential for referral business is substantial.  

Branded products can also help a business create loyalty and generate respect for the brand amongst their own staff, particularly when used in reward and recognition programs. While branded uniforms distinguish staff at events and represent a cohesive team.

Promotional products need to fit your organisations brand identity and should be fit for purpose. Not “everything” branded with a logo will necessarily work. Speaking with an experienced promotional product consultant will help you find the right product for your business. Promotional products are an investment in your brand, their potential to add to your bottom line is significant.