Travel Is Back!

From mini breaks and work conferences through to extended tours, travel is back for many. Thus, creating an opportunity for the distribution of collateral that is thoughtful, useful and interesting. All of these items can be branded with your company logo or special messaging. Suitcases, travel bags and leather goods sit at the very top of the most often requested branded collateral list.

New developments in manufacturing are providing greater options for purchasers. Innovations in design mean RFID protected lining – which ensures credit and debit cards are kept safe from hackers and identity thieves whilst in transit – is now available in many travel items. Factory direct options permit the production of some leather goods and bags in a wide array of colour combinations, with relatively low minimums. There are also opportunities for standard features to be modified or varied to accommodate the storage of specific items or to facilitate the easy use of technology whilst travelling.

Electrical and technological products in themselves, such as charging stations and cords, adaptors, headphones and earbuds, portable keyboards, security and smart tags are available in a wide array of styles, shapes and colours at varying price points, making them a smart branded product choice. All of these items are helpful for staff or customers embarking on a voyage and great lifestyle pieces for everyday use.

Eye masks, neck pillows, travel wallets, luggage tags and straps can be fantastic products for high volume distribution as they are cost effective and easy to send via standard post. These items are often able to be branded with full colour decoration. In some cases, photographic imagery is able to be used, expanding your options. You may even wish to feature visuals from the intended destination on your gifts!

Marketing collateral that serves a specific purpose has a longer life span, particularly when such material is thoughtful and relevant to both the user and to the brand in question. How you deliver these items can also enhance their impact. Imagine sending potential customers an eye mask printed with an image of an idyllic beach resort and your company logo, along with the eye mask you also include an offer for to win a week’s holiday at the location with every order placed for the month of September. Not only have you shown your customers their value to you, and sparked their interest, you have also created an impetus to act.

Talk to your preferred promotional products supplier for ways in which you may be able to link your brand in a meaningful and relevant way to travel themed products!

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