The value of branded lifestyle items

Where once an advertiser required a brand or logo to be seen an average of just 3 times, in our rapidly moving world with so much visual stimuli, it is now believed that many more reminders are required for brand retention to occur. Brand loyalty is an even greater task!

Placing your brand on a lifestyle item, something a person will use during recreation or in their home, has the ability to create a personal connection. With more people working from home, some for the longer term, these products have greater positive appeal and potential than ever before. Lifestyle items also have the capacity to act as a “walking billboard” for your brand, leading to brand awareness outside the usual channels.

Lifestyle items can vary from health and wellbeing product lines such as sports towels, gym bags and fitness bands, to personal IT gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers, power banks and ear buds or products to use with family and friends like cheeseboards, picnic blankets and BBQ accessories. These types of products cut through the formal business relationship and speak to the individual recipient.

Selecting the correct item/s is, as always, very important. It is good to have a level of synergy between the product and your organisations core business, however with lifestyle products you can allow yourself a little more flexibility in choice. Utilisation of brand colours on a useful product is a great starting point. Importantly, you should ensure the quality of the item chosen compliments your brand. A low-cost plastic frisbee, for example, would not be the right choice to represent a luxury jewellery brand.

The gifting of lifestyle products creates many positive outcomes.

For staff, it can help them feel appreciated and respected as team members. This encourages both company and brand loyalty, which often filters through to how they perform at work and connect with clients. Outside the office, the item becomes a visual representation to family and friends of how much they are valued as an employee and signifies that their employer is grateful for their ongoing contribution.

For established and potential clients, lifestyle products can create loyalty, encourage referrals and increase patronage, thus generating more income for your business. Receiving a thoughtful branded lifestyle item shows forethought, consideration and planning, which speaks volumes to the lucky recipient.

With an expansive range of lifestyle products to choose from, selection can initially seem a little overwhelming, getting in touch with a proactive promotional products distributor will help you find the perfect product to suit your needs!

How many promo products do you have in your gym bag at the moment?

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