The Value of Branded Active Wear

With a growing number of people working from home, full and part-time, and active wear doubling as both workout and everyday attire, there has been an explosion of demand for branded active apparel.

When selecting garments to promote your business, there are a few important things to consider. The intended use for your clothing will, of course, guide you first of all. Flexible, loose fitting clothing that allows one’s body to move freely is ideal for almost all sports, however some activities like yoga and pilates, for example, require garments that are both flexible and more closely fitted to the body.

Other considerations are durability and best fabric to use.  Cotton, which is known for its “breathability”, is often an early and popular request. Cotton may initially seem ideal, but when 100% cotton is worn for high activity sports and in very warm environments, it can often feel ‘heavier’, hotter and less pleasant than mixed fabrics.

Sweat wicking fabrics have been specifically designed to wick away (pull away) moisture and keep the wearer feeling cool and dry while they exercise. This can make a huge difference to how they feel throughout a workout or game of sport. It is important to remember that these fabrics come in various grades, so you must compare the viability and performance longevity of the fabric grade for each garment under consideration.

You should also bear in mind the environment in which the garment will be worn. If the apparel is to be used outdoors and across multiple seasons, perhaps garments that can be layered would suit. Outer layers that provide ventilation, to allow a person to regulate their body temperature, are fantastic for sports and activities where people are on the move. While heavier pieces, that are water and wind proof, may work better for others. The level of sun protection provided by particular fabrics may also need to be determined.

Once the items of choice have been shortlisted, it is time to get creative with the branding. Hard wearing digital transfers can bring colourful logos or brand messages to life in a way that would not have been possible in the past. For single coloured logos, screen printing can be done across large segments of the garment. With smaller minimum quantities now able to be ordered for fully sublimated garments, you may even want to consider a unique custom piece.

The position of the logo has the ability to really make your brand stand out. Running a logo or message down the side of tights or vertically down the sleeve of a running shirt or jacket gives your garment a premium appearance. Logos placed along the bottom corner of a shirt or on the back yoke of a singlet can be quite impactful also.

Branding interesting and practical active wear to advertise your business is definitely worth considering. Reselling branded active wear is also a great idea. By working closely with your preferred promotional product supplier you can create fashionable branded active wear that will promote your business long into the future.

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