Managing Environmental Concerns

Every year, the range of promotional products produced with biodegradable and eco- friendly materials, such as corn starch, wheat straw, jute and bamboo is expanding. Items made with organic, recyclable, and renewable (or sustainable) materials are becoming more freely available.

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At the same time, the promotional products industry – both domestically and internationally – has been pushing manufacturers and encouraging designers to create products that are more likely to be reused and, where possible, are able to serve more than a singular purpose. For example, a stylus pen with a German manufactured Dokumental ink barrel with extended ink capacity and a Tungsten carbide ball for improved writing quality, will last much longer than a basic promotional pen, and its functionality as a stylus will continue even if the recipient opts to not replace the ink barrel when finished.

Other initiatives being actively pursued, include the use of green energy, carbon offset and reforestation program subsidies and the use of environmentally friendly water-based inks, while desire to purchase “Australian Made” products, which reduce the movement of goods, and therefore their environmental impact, is increasing on both sides of the supply and demand chain. 

Along with a growing awareness of environmental concerns, there has also been a shift towards ensuring products provided are manufactured in a socially responsible manner. Increasingly, items are third party verified to ensure that they meet both environmental and labour management regulations.

While some product lines are easily replaceable with eco-friendly alternatives, one needs to mindful that the branded collateral being produced should be relevant, reusable, and likely to be kept long term.

Selecting products that are made to last and serve a practical purpose are a good starting point in the selection of any promotional product. An industry specialist can help direct you to product lines that will fit with your brand identity ensuring end users of your promotional materials feel that they have been given something worthwhile.

 Have you incorporated any eco friendly product lines into your promotional product mix?

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