The Growth of Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

As environmental concerns become more prominent and issues such as bushfires and the contamination of our oceans are front of mind, more clients request advice on eco products and how to self-promote in an environmentally responsible manner. They are becoming more selective in both the choices they make about promotional material and who they opt to hand those items out to.

Product manufacturers have answered the call and have significantly expanded their product offering to include more items made from renewable materials such as:

  • Cotton/ organic cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Jute/ Juco
  • Rice husk fibre

Manufacturers have also switched to recycled cardboards for packaging, made items that are plastic free, focused on energy efficient production capabilities and looked to include more biodegradable items.

The distribution of such products can have a positive impact on both the environment – and on your brand. It positions your brand as being an ethical and environmentally conscious organisation which is appealing to an ever-widening audience. As the focus of these products is their ability to be re-used repeatedly, they also extend the life of your brand visibility.

What is selected still needs to be on message and relevant to your target market and it doesn’t hurt to point out the environmentally beneficial components of the items you have chosen to distribute.

Some of the many eco friendly products we offer at SCOODA can be viewed HERE , however I do encourage you to reach out if you would like to find out how to best incorporate eco friendly merchandise products into your marketing mix.

Is there a place for eco-friendly merchandise in your marketing mix?

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