Scents that make sense

A hint of something familiar in a particular scent can trigger a myriad of memories and special moments from our lives. The link between our brains, memory and smell means that particular scents have the ability to not only conjure the past, but influence our mood and emotional state. This powerful and undeniable relationship has created a perfume industry, worth billions.

In promoting your brand, why not utilise this emotive connection and evoke an additional layer of familiarity and joy? “Scent marketing” has the ability to link your product and/or brand with the mood or emotion brought to life by a chosen scent. Research has shown that 75% of all emotions are generated through scent and individuals are more likely to recall a scent than a visual memory a year after experiencing both. Providing gifts that stimulate more than one sense increases their overall impact.

With the growth of hot desking and work from home arrangements, the desire for lifestyle and leisure products has grown. Items that create a pleasant aroma, such as candles – the perfect scented gift – are extremely popular. Fragrance oils and room atomisers, are other lovely items one can use in the home. These can be offered in a wide range of scents and Australian Made options are becoming more widely available.

Personal products such as hand lotions, lip balms, bath and shower products, such as bath bombs, bath salts, foot soaks and soaps, can all be very impactful and create pleasant connections to your brand. These items are often low cost, available for mass distribution for large consumer campaigns and come in an array of Australian Made options. You may also wish to encourage safety and cleanliness, with a range of citrus fragranced anti-bacterial products such as wipes and hand sanitisers.

And of course, there are a variety of food and beverage options such as teas, coffee bean products, confectionary, and chocolate items that have their own tantalizing aroma! Choosing these items to promote your business taps into not only the sense of smell but that of taste. These products can be custom made and branded with a range of single use and reusable containers.

The next time you are looking for a marketing item to help create brand loyalty, build your customer base, or grow sales, consider engaging the sense of smell. Using scents in your marketing mix really makes sense!

How can we use other senses to maximise the potential impact of your branded collateral?

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