Practical Paper Products

The paper industry has responded to a change in consumer needs with a surge in the use of recycled materials, the creation of easily compostable products, the harnessing of renewable energy throughout its production processes and a push toward the use of local printers to reduce carbon footprint. Do we still use paper? While we live in a highly digital world, ‘old school’ paper products are not yet outdated, even a bumper sticker with a clever tag line can still have an impact and remain on a vehicle for years! The key to selecting all promotional products, paper products included, is to seek the production of items that are relevant, useful and durable.

Eco friendly cardboard products can provide a memorable experience for your patrons when used in a range of situations. Paper straws, cardboard food containers, kid’s activity packs and recyclable drink coasters are some examples of items used daily in the hospitality sector that we now can’t live without.

Retail brands, and those who want maximum impact, create a lasting impression by employing recycled paper carry bags, cardboard boxes and pillow packs, customised stickers, product hang tags and personalised gift-wrapping paper to reinforce their products, streamline the customer experience and display their brand well beyond the moment of purchase.

Events and businesses continue to gift notebooks and notepads as they are useful for their attendees and employees and wonderful tool that keeps their brand top of mind well beyond the conclusion of the event or workday. Cardboard is also a great cost-effective storage solution for chocolates and confectionary, it is easily branded in colourful and creative ways, and when delivered containing a delectable treat, is always received with a smile!

Printed invitations, posters, flyers and brochures boasting unique and engaging designs have the ability to build excitement prior to a special event. Business cards, sticky notes, note pads and bookmarks continue to be popular cost-effective options that are retained by the recipient and remind them of your business well beyond your initial moment of contact.

To assist with the selection process, speak with an expert within the promotional products industry. We can help make the most of your budget and obtain the right mix for your business.

Are paper products still viable as branded collateral pieces?

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