Partnership Branding

The production of co-branded collateral alongside a well-known consumer brand is known as “Partnership Branding”. This form of promotional material provides extensive benefits to the way your brand is viewed by recipients and has the ability to impact the length of time products are retained.

This form of marketing utilises the connection or familiarity users have with an original brand and creates a positive link with your own.  The user’s pre-existing ideas about the original brand such as quality, popularity and innovativeness are then associated with your brand or business. Products tend to appear more relevant, and audience minded. They can also feel more like a thoughtful gift than simply being a “giveaway”.

Supplying Titleist or Callaway items at corporate golf day or giving guest speakers at a conference an item from Christian Lacroix or Hugo Boss, is possible through the promotional products supply chain. Drinkware from Camelbak, caps from Flexfit, a notebook from Moleskin, headphones from Skullcandy, or a backpack from High Sierra can speak volumes when it comes to perceived value, quality, and durability.

Many studies in recent years have shown that consumers are more likely to trust products with recognisable brand names. Additionally, they are much more likely to keep items given to them if they are relevant to them and feel “purposeful”.

While retail wholesalers can accommodate the supply of a batch of retail items for co-branding through a third party, such a move should be taken with great caution. The Australian Promotional Products Industry supply chain has a wide array of approved pieces created specifically for partnership branding. These items permit additional decoration and are retained in stock for several years, thereby permitting further supply and production at a later date. Neither of these is a given with products sourced through conventional retail sources.

Should you want to discuss incorporating products of this nature into your marketing mix, make sure you discuss relevant options with an APPA distributor, such as SCOODA, to ensure the products are fitting and legally able to be co-branded with approval from the originating brand.

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