Is Christmas Gift Giving Still Relevant?

In a word… YES!

Branded gifts are a visible display of gratitude and a wonderful way to reinforce to your team that you care. Recent surveys show that these types of promotional products are often kept well over a year! In addition to being an ongoing reminder to your team that you value the work that they do, these gifts are also an excellent way to encourage brand loyalty and to tangibly connect the recipient to your brand’s identity.

Studies support that showing appreciation to your staff and key clients can result in an increased sense of confidence, it can help reduce stress levels, can foster better team spirit, heighten patience levels, and even help achieve more restful sleep. Feeling valued can also help individuals make better long-term decisions and set more meaningful goals. All of which are great for a business – and its key personnel, who manage the delivery of thank you gifts.

The end of the calendar year for Australians also marks the end of a typical work year, so receiving a thank you gift at Christmas time needn’t always have religious significance. Feeling appreciated for work performed throughout the previous year encourages team members to return to work after their break feeling revitalised, motivated and ready to engage positively with clients.

While all promotional products should be seen as investment in your business, they are never more impactful than when they are used to show gratitude to those who are essential to your business’s success. Ensure you allow time and devote some energy into selecting thoughtful and fit for purpose branded gifts.

A promotional products industry specialist can assist you with this process. Please consider the importance of gift giving, something tangible and branded, for your valued team this December.

Why is it important to ensure you say THANK YOU to your valued staff and clients?

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