How make the most of Merchandise at your next Tradeshow

Attending a tradeshow often means leaving the event hands-full with an array of samples and products. But how do you stand out in the crowd and what is the most effective way of maximising your tradeshow experience and building lasting business-to-business connections?

Tradeshow attendance is an investment in your business, booking the right space, booth installation, staffing requirements, travel needs and what and how much merchandise to distribute all need to be considered as part of the planning process. Not all tradeshows are created equal, so the careful selection of an event that is relevant to your organisation and is likely to reach your target audience is essential.

The branded products you select for distribution should also be relevant for your business and fitting for the target demographic you are hoping to engage with. In recent years, there has been a shift toward items of higher quality with subtle branding as tradeshow give-aways. Of course, the products you select will still be dependent on your target market and event specifics. A promotional products industry expert will be able to guide you towards an array of items that will prove most fitting for your needs.

The creation of a bright stand out display, with banners and signage that clearly represent who you are as an organisation will catch the eye of passers-by and draw them in to take a closer look. Finding an interesting way of engaging with attendees will lengthen visit times at your stand and allow an opportunity to connect in a more meaningful way. Great give-aways always draw a crowd. Branded products and gifts that are “earned” tend have a greater perceived value, so it is time to get creative! Setting up a competition such as a business card raffle, offering a prize for completing a survey, participating in a game or challenge or receiving a gift after listening to a presentation, are all great ways to enhance your visitor experience. Competitions and surveys are also a convenient way of collecting contact details and information about prospective client needs, as well as their potential use for your products and services.

Staff managing a tradeshow booth should ideally be well dressed in branded apparel and briefed on the best way to seek out prospective clients. A positive approach and a smile goes a long way. Asking questions and finding out who each individual is and what their interests and needs are will form that essential initial connection. The prize, gift or branded product given to them upon departure, will reinforce that connection and keep your business front of mind after the day is done. The collection of contact details and information about how you can potentially meet the needs of their business creates an opportunity for a genuine and informed post event follow up, which hopefully sparks the beginning of a new and exciting working relationship.

Make the most of your upcoming tradeshows and increase the capture of new clients!

How do you get the most out of branded items produced for Tradeshows?

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