Head for Business

Branded headwear can be a very impactful and practical promotional piece all year round! Available off the shelf in a myriad of designs and colours, or customised, this item is a powerful marketing tool. There are ample benefits to considering the inclusion of a cap, visor, beanie, bandana, bucket or wide brim hat into your marketing mix.

Firstly, they are a functional product that protects recipients from the elements. In Australia, sun protection is important all year round – especially for those who work or spend a lot of time outdoors. In most schools, it is now compulsory to wear headwear when outdoors, because even limited exposure can prove hazardous in the longer term.

As discussed in previous Quick Reads, there are many benefits to wearing uniforms. For those who deal with customers, uniform pieces provide visibility so staff can be easily identified. In addition to this, there is a psychological phenomenon known as “in-group bias”. This is where members of a group perceive each other more positively. They recognise more similarities between themselves, compared to non-group members, and form bonds as a result. Studies show that individuals work harder for a team they have bonded with and feel they belong to.

This perception can be quite powerful outside of the workplace too, and explains why the popularity of branded clothing, caps, hats, and beanies continues to rise. Showing support and expressing comradery for your favourite sports team, kids’ school, or a charity you feel passionate about creates a sense of belonging and being part of something larger than yourself.

Headwear items are unisex and come with limited size variables, which makes them super accommodating and transferable year after year. They are very cost effective, making the option of having spares available for impromptu marketing moments easily affordable.

The range of headwear available off the shelf in Australia is extensive. There are many styles, made in a wide variety of fabrics and offered in so many colour combinations that complimenting one’s brand palette is an easy ask. The minimum requirement to produce factory direct is also lower than ever before, with many styles able to be tailored from 100+ pieces.

Recent developments in decoration techniques now permit amazing photographic imagery to be replicated on certain headwear pieces, creating even more options and added flexibility for your branding. Headwear is a cost effective, versatile and powerful addition to your marketing mix!

Talk to your promotional products supplier about what types of headwear pieces may prove helpful for your business needs and to help keep your brand top of mind!

The “SCOODA Quick Read” is our monthly educational series created on “all things promo”

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