Gift with Purchase Campaigns

A Gift with Purchase (GWP) campaign has the potential to raise revenue and generate interest and good will for your brand – if delivered in the correct way. For the exercise to be worthwhile, the campaign needs to be thought out and well planned.

Many of us may recall the excitement felt as a child as we dipped our hand into a box of cereal and found a cool mystery gift inside! These campaigns generated fun and lots of good will, while also dramatically increasing sales and propelling certain brand names into mainstream consciousness.

Getting something “for nothing” or in recognition of one supporting a particular organisation is a widely used marketing technique. Campaigns range from low cost, like cereal packet surprises or McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, to higher dollar value Gift Packs, such as the type of gift received when purchasing a brand-new luxury car or after the settlement of a property.

However, in a world of ever-increasing concern about the environment and the implications associated with “unnecessary wastefulness”, what is given out and the manner in which that is done is becoming ever more important.  As we at SCOODA always say, and have repeated throughout our Quick Read series, promotional products of any kind need to be considered for their return investment potential. GWP items are no exception!

Firstly, a decision needs to be made on what style of program the GWP will be linked to. Is it a retention/loyalty program or is the item designed to encourage more or new business? Will it be a one-off piece or will it be a series of collectables? Does the customer or client need to collect tokens and apply for their gift of choice? Secondly, how and from where will the piece be distributed needs to be determined. How will the goods be shipped to the distribution location and what possible concerns may be involved in this process?

Most importantly though, one needs to understand the intended target demographic and what items (relevant to your brand) that particular group would want to receive, that is in line with your ideal budget.

Retail brand name products can work well for certain types of programs and promotional products suppliers can provide you with a great array of these, including some that can be dual branded to include your logo. An alignment with a recognised and respected brand can be very appealing to a consumer and receiving such an item can minimise the potential interpretation of it being “wasteful”. Provided, of course, the item is relevant. A Titleist Golf Ball Gift Pack is a wonderful gift… but only for someone who likes to golf!

A branded promotional product can have a higher perceived value than the actual product may imply and isn’t limited to a given or understood RRP. They can be produced to designated budgets, there are economies of scale benefits when purchased in bulk, they can be fully customised to properly represent ones branding guidelines and can be custom packaged too.

Once initiated, it is important to monitor the success of the campaign by analysing your return on investment. Giving you the ability to make informed choices around any future campaigns.

Can you recall any gift with purchase items you have received in recent years that still linger in your home and continue to tie good will to the associated brand?

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