Food, Glorious Food!

In my first SCOODA Quick Read, I outlined that recent research shows more than half of the recipients of promotional products use the item they receive often and retain it (on average) for more than a year. Conversely, food products, due to their short shelf life, are likely to be quickly consumed. In theory, it seems that such items would then prove less effective as brand reminders, however the opposite is true! From low cost confectionary pieces, through to elegant food baskets, edible branded goodies have the ability to create a lasting positive impression.

Food products are popular items for conferences and events, in particular where the recipient demographic is broad, such as at community festivals. They are also a favourite for seasonal occasions such as Easter, End of Financial Year and Christmas. Supplying well branded delectable treats can generate a great amount of good will amongst the right audience.

The candy store (and more) is at your fingertips! Just some of the confectionary options available are lollipops, rock candy, chewy fruits, mints, and jellybeans. Delicious biscuits, chocolates, cupcakes and protein/health bars are designed to delight and entice your clients or customers. Beverages such as boutique beers, wine, natural and sparkling mineral water, protein shakes and a range of tea and coffee are also extremely popular.

A wide array of packaging and branding options exist, designed to enhance your item and create something unique and memorable, whatever your budget.  Australian Made options are also available, something more and more clients are specifically requesting when looking at their promotional product choices.

There are some important things to be mindful of when considering edible items as a marketing option. Firstly, given their inherent shelf life, when are they going to be handed out? If they are to be stored for a period between distribution batches, suitable storage (possibly refrigerated) will be needed.  Secondly, they must be appropriate to the target demographic, clearly alcoholic items and perhaps even tea and coffee would not suit distribution to minors. They also need to be able to be distributed at the venue in question or posted – should either apply.

In addition to all of these delectable treats, food related products such as glasses and cheese boards, coffee cups, cooler bags, cutlery sets, picnic accessories are available to complement your food and beverage items or act as a stand-alone product.

Whether it is to satisfy a sweet tooth or provide the pleasure of receiving an exclusive beverage, there are many wonderful options available for your consideration!

Can you remember receiving a branded sweet treat for an event or occasion?

“The SCOODA Quick Read” is a weekly educational series created on “all things promo”

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