Effective Uniform Programs

Oh, what to wear?! Uniforms come in many styles and designs and can have a huge impact on an organisation’s first (and lasting) impressions. They can create a sense of strength and uniformity or perhaps project a sense of fun, energy and vitality. One thing all uniforms do have in common is the fact that they are ‘uniform’.  Whether they are identical, or simply shades of the same theme, they depict solidarity. Apart from fostering a sense of belonging, uniforms project professionalism, whilst at the same time encouraging teamwork and culture of mutual respect between co-workers.

Some uniforms, particularly those of the armed forces, police, and emergency services, not only enhance a sense of pride for the wearer, but also have an imposing effect upon others. The presence of a person in uniform can change the mood of those around them.

In some places such as schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and in other organisations, uniforms are mandatory. This assists in ensuring customers and the public know who to approach when assistance is needed. Apart from the great branding and advertising opportunity uniforms represent they also have many practical benefits. Uniforms can be a great time and cost saver for individual staff, as they do not need to purchase apparel for the workplace or think about what to wear to work each day. In a school environment, they encourage members of a group to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance – a very helpful life lesson.

Some of the different categories used to describe common uniforms are:

  • Corporate Uniforms often include suits, jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, polos, ties, scarves, vests, hats and knitwear.
  • Workwear will often include additional items such as high visibility apparel, pieces constructed in cotton drill, rainwear, caps and speciality items such as scrubs and hospitality specific products, like chef jackets and aprons.
  • Sports Uniforms can include full colour sublimated garments like polos, t-shirts, singlets, jackets, shorts, skirts, dresses, activewear, track suits, headwear, socks, scarves, and bags.

We are finding an ever-increasing demand for “ad-hoc” or “on demand” ranges by our clients. Ranges can be pre-determined, with pricing set for a given period. These ‘ad-hoc’ orders can be drawn from an array of established garment stock ranges held here in Australia. There are many established Australian garment manufacturers who produce product specifically for the promotional market, and this exact purpose. A number of well-known retail brands also have product ranges available for use as uniforms. Bespoke uniforms can also be designed and produced to suit your particular brand and organisational needs.

Whether you are after components of a uniform for a specific event or activity, or a comprehensive uniform range, speaking with an experienced uniform supplier will ensure all the components you require fit together effectively, whilst maximising economies of scale.

Why consider uniforms in your marketing mix, and how can you get the most from them?

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