Effective Event Merchandise

There is a great amount of anticipation and excitement surrounding the return of events this year. Not only because of the enjoyment of hosting and attending, but because events provide a great opportunity to connect with potential customers and to bond in a meaningful manner with already established clients.

Once the date has been set, your location or event booth booked, and the desired messaging defined, it is time to determine how you are going enhance long term retention and engagement with those who attend. Branded merchandise is an essential and powerful element in your marketing mix. Impactful branded garments to ensure staff are identifiable is a great first step and stand out signage and printed marketing material will draw attention and entice engagement.

Unfortunately, sometimes organisers can fall into the trap of selecting or distributing promotional products with little relation to their brand or cause, which then feels like a disingenuous after thought. With so many products available for consideration, spending some time selecting an item that is genuinely relevant to the event or to the product or brand it will represent is an essential aspect of your marketing process.

If the event includes seminars, notebooks and pens in your corporate colours, perhaps in an eco-friendly substrate or with an interesting point of difference like an inkless pen, may be the perfect choice. For interstate conferences, pillow gifts to help delegates relax after a long commute, beach towels or sunscreen for use by the pool are all potentially relevant options. Items such as these are also likely to be retained, reused and remembered long-term.

At tradeshows, obtaining something in return for a giveaway such as a business card, entry into a draw or 5 minutes to listen to a presentation is a practical idea that will expand your database and create a stronger connection with those you interact with. Rather than focusing on mass distribution at such events, consider focusing on the delivery of products to those you would most benefit from doing business with and targeting your merchandise spend in a directed and thoughtful way.

Community events and those open to the general public require additional forethought to ensure suitability and the likely retention of the item/s selected. Allowing yourself a longer lead time for such events opens up the possibility for factory direct manufacturing, which has the ability to reduce unit costs and amplify distribution potential.

Maximise the return on investment for your upcoming events by taking the time to select branded reminders that will promote the value of your products and/or brand. Speak to an experienced promotional product distributor early in the process so that they can brainstorm suitable options for your consideration and make the most of your upcoming event!

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