Do You Have the “Write” Stuff?

While we live in an increasingly digital world, tangible, visual brand reminders can be very impactful for brand recognition, repeat and referral business. Stationary items, particularly pens that write well, are practical reminders that continue to play a significant role in our day to day lives. Other resources such as rulers, notebooks, and sticky notes also remain in high demand. Retailers such as Typo, Smiggle, Kikki K and major chains like K-Mart have recently taken advantage of the popularity of attractive stationary as gifts.

The growth of eco-friendly and recycled substrates, combined with enhanced decoration options for off the shelf products, has made making an impact with these low-cost items is easier than ever. Consider the impact of a notebook with a cool debossed front cover, full colour printed insert, a belly band in one of your corporate colours and your website printed on each recycled paper page! Or perhaps an elegant metal pen with a colourful stylus, a large refill with 1800 meters of high-end German manufactured Dokumental ink, a tungsten carbide ball for improved writing quality, and your logo printed on it for under $2!

For those interested in supporting local business and minimising their carbon footprint, there are many Australian manufacturers in this sector. Australian manufacturers are often more accommodating on smaller volumes of customised items and able to accommodate faster turnaround times. Items such as flexible rulers, mouse mats, drink coasters, bookmarks, sticky note pads, magnets, counter mats and stickers can be created in specific shapes and sizes to suit your business needs.

Branded stationery not only helps with brand awareness, but it also helps promote a positive and professional image of your firm. Great stationery can market your business anywhere and anytime. Talk to your promotional products distributor about options that may suit your business and budget.

The “SCOODA Quick Read” is our monthly educational series created on “all things promo”