Beautiful Bamboo

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant and while ten of the biggest bamboo forests are in Southern China, bamboo can be found across Asia, Africa, the Americas’ and Australia. As an easily renewable source, bamboo is an eco-friendly substrate for all kinds of products. In addition to being an eco-friendly choice for branded merchandise, many believe bamboo can provide positive energy and luck when in the home or office.

It can be used for many things such as kitchenware, health and beauty products, clothing, carpet, musical instruments and other equipment and can even be found in the inside of a light bulb! Bamboo is a truly remarkable plant. It can grow up to thirty meters in height and twenty centimetres in diameter. It is said to be two to three times stronger than timber as demonstrated by its use as scaffolding and in the construction of footbridges. Bamboo even managed to survive the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima in 1945!

With all of this to offer, it is no surprise that bamboo is being used increasingly in a wide array of promotional products. Initially we saw bamboo utilised in the manufacture of pens, rulers, notebook covers and USB shells. Many additional product lines are now being offered including – reusable coffee cups, coasters, cutlery and lunch boxes, straws, cheese boards and folding tables, picnic sets, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, ear buds, wireless chargers, phone stands, speakers, and even sunglasses!

Bamboo has also been adapted for use in textiles and is widely used in the retail sector in different types of apparel. Bamboo derived fabric can be also used in the creation of a wide range of bags from totes to backpacks, cooler bags and other products such as lanyards.

Bamboo truly is a beautiful product, it is extremely versatile and highly cost effective. To uncover a range of bamboo products in line with your brand requirements reach out to your preferred APPA Distributor. Contacting a promotional products professional will also ensure the products selected are ethically sourced and comply with all relevant Australian regulations.

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